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Coming from in-depth understanding of drunk driving laws and the DUI industry, capitalizing on extensive experience, we provide hands-on advice that speaks the language of our client’s. We never give up whether we are fighting an impaired driving charge, over 80m.g charge, care and control or a multiple DUI offense.

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If you’ve been stopped and given a a DUI in Toronto or Ontario, your first step should be to contact an experienced and reliable DUI defence attorney who will take care of the legal implications immediately. We at Toronto DUI Lawyer have attorneys with years of experience in this field and who have brought cases to successful verdicts for our clients. We have proven the competence of our drunk driving defence strategies over and over again.

Hire an Elite DUI Law Firm in Toronto for your Case

We take careful consideration of which aspects to focus on and what questions to leave out. This is the stage where an amateur DUI attorney loses track leading to failed trials. Our whole process will be focused on creating reasonable doubt in the mind of the judge regarding the incident and will take the necessary steps to prove the innocence of our clients. Contact a DUI lawyer today.

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When you contact us, you are assured to have opted for a relentless drinking and driving defence service that will perfectly and professionally deal with your DUI case. It is not only our experience in this field that matters when it comes to winning your case, but also our thorough awareness of the Toronto courts as well as the Crown. We are well versant with Toronto and Ontario Judges, the Prosecutors and we know how to handle cases in different jurisdictions. This experience proves to matter greatly in most drunk driving defence cases. Contact Toronto DUI Lawyer and obtain an elite impaired driving defence attorney serving Toronto, Ontario.


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An Elite DUI Defence Attorney With Consistent Results

Our DUI Lawyer fights DUI charges to the ground and our success rates speak for themselves.

Invaluable Experience

As experienced drunk driving attorneys, we are successful at gathering necessary information to protect you against drunk driving charges.

We have shown consistently favorable results when defending our clients against over 80 m.g DUI charges utilizing detailed investigation strategies.

As recognized DUI lawyers, we believe in upholding your safety and protection from all consequences arising from a failure to provide DUI charge.

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Superior Knowledge

Our team of impaired driving lawyers have extensive experience studying evidence and will provide a strong defence on your behalf at trial.

We explore all possibilities when defending clients who have multiple DUI offences and we strive to fight your case in the best way possible.

Our reputable DUI lawyers will protect you in court and make sure that you receive the best possible defence against any care and control charges.


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