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Toronto Impaired Driving Lawyer Defends Clients Accused Of DUI

Toronto Impaired Driving Lawyer Defends Clients Accused Of DUI

Toronto DUI Lawyer, a law firm that defends people against DUI, drunk driving, etc. charges in the Toronto area, is thrilled to provide its legal services to their clients. The firm defends clients accused of offenses such as impaired driving, driving with a blood-alcohol level above 80 mg., and failure to provide a breath sample. The firm’s Toronto office, located at 551 Gerrard St. E, Suite 1A, is happy to help their clients with any of their DUI defense needs.


The business assists clients in their defense against driving offenses. These can be things like driving under the influence, being in “care and control” of their vehicle when being arrested, and having multiple DUI offenses when arrested. Over the years, DUI offenses have constituted the bulk of criminal cases in the courts of greater Toronto or Ontario. And as long as a person is able to set the vehicle in motion, whether the engine is running or not, is enough to be convicted of a DUI. A conviction can mean a criminal record, serving a jail sentence, suspension of driver’s license, payment of fines, travel restrictions, and even loss of income. Clients can learn more about the law firm’s legal services by calling 416-816-4848.


Being convicted for a DUI charge has harsh punishments because of laws passed by acts of Parliament and the Provincial Assemblies in Canada. So the first thing to do is to contact a reputable and experienced defense attorney like the Toronto impaired driving lawyer Adam Little of the firm Frederick S. Fedorsen Professional Corporation. He says, “Drive safe and know your rights. It’s easy to let your guard down during this season, especially when you’re coming from a holiday celebration. And this is precisely why it’s all the more important for people to focus on road safety and to know their rights as motorists should they get caught in an impaired driving situation.”


Adam Little has conducted both trials and appeals at all levels of court in Ontario including the Supreme Court of Canada and the Ontario Court of Appeal. For the past six years, Little has worked as a criminal defense lawyer at Fedorsen and his practice has concentrated on defending driving-related offenses. Mr. Frederick Fedorsen is the founder and principal of Fedorsen. He has defended literally thousands of people from all walks of life on a wide variety of criminal charges. He is a past lecturer for the Law Society of Upper Canada as well as the Criminal Lawyers Association. He said, “The drunk driving lawyer needs to study the evidence and look for loopholes that will make it impossible for the Crown to present a watertight case. We evaluate whether all laws have been strictly followed by looking at essential elements such as time and date, the identity of the accused and the jurisdiction and whether the officer had reasonable grounds to suspect that the driver’s impaired ability was caused by the consumption of alcohol or drugs.”


DUI lawyer Little said, “In our years of experience as veteran DUI lawyers, we’ve observed that holidays tend to be tricky for many drivers. Having prior knowledge of what can happen, what they can do and how to deal with it can make a world of a difference. We invite everyone to visit our website as part of their holiday preparation checklist.” The law firm’s website is regularly updated to include changes in applicable laws or regulations. The website has categories organized by topic so that the information can easily be found as needed. Topics include general information about driving under the influence, defense strategies for these charges, and reasons why an experienced attorney is needed in such cases.


Potential clients can get more information on the legal services provided by Toronto DUI Lawyer by heading to their website at www.toronto-dui-lawyer.ca. They may also reach them by calling or visiting them at their Toronto, ON office.


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