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Your Legal Options and the Costs if Involved in a Drunk Driving Offence

Drunk Driving Offence

Drinking and driving is a dangerous act and the most common advice with regard to driving that people give is never to drink and drive. It sounds easy but drunk driving offences are one of the most recurrent offences in the whole of the United States. Drunk driving is the cause of hundreds and thousands of fatalities annually and it also results in grave penalties and consequences that alter the course of life. The people who get convicted for DUI offences experience a lot of consequences such as multiple court appearances, a criminal record, dishonor in society and apart from all of this, it is something really costly.


If found guilty of a DUI crime, the accused is forced to pay financially, professionally as well as legally and these consequences can linger on for several years and in some states, for the rest of the life. The costs of a DUI offence can be really heavy. The court fees may cost between $250 to $1500 and hiring a lawyer may cost another $2000 for a minimum. Then there are costs for license reinstatement and formal hearing which range from $250-$500. Some states demand the attendance of the accused in alcohol abuse classes that cost an additional $100 to $500. Insurance rates are also increased as insurance companies consider DUI offenders as high risk drivers. Apart from all of that a total amount of $1650 goes in the form of various fines and fees.


Those involved in a DUI need to three things legally. First is to document everything as it is essential for the case. Second is to look for potential witnesses that can help strengthen the case. Third is to hire a competent DUI lawyer as the best DUI lawyer can protect the interests of the accused in the most appropriate way. Getting convicted and arrested for a DUI offence is not only embarrassing but is a life altering event that can be really costly and hiring the best DUI defense lawyer is the perfect option for anyone facing a DUI offence.


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