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Drunk Canoeing Set to be Removed as an Impaired Driving Offence in Canada

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The federal government may be gearing up to have stricter laws as far as drunken driving is concerned since marijuana has been legalized, it is also ready to let go of a law that put canoeists in trouble for having consumed a few drinks and then went on to canoe. Impaired driving charges attracted a lot of penalties such as automatic suspension of driving license, demerit points, steep fines, impounding of vehicle and installation of ignition unlocking devices. The police will no longer be able to impose such charges and will probably have to make do with other charges such as being intoxicated in public etc.

In the Ontario province the police is quite active and they patrol the area especially during the summers as the provincial government has stated that kayaks, canoes and inflatable rafts fall under the impaired driving laws. Charges were dropped in two cases where the defendants were in their canoes and were believed to have had a few drinks and the prosecutors decided that there wasn’t much in the cases to end up in conviction.

The criminal code currently stipulates that vehicles need to be motorized to be qualified under the impaired driving laws and also includes water-going “vessels” whether they are motorized or not. The term “vessels” has not been defined clearly and so leaves it open for the prosecutors and the police to decide its meaning. The definition of the term “vessels” is about to change as the vessel propelled by muscular power will not be included under the impaired driving laws. However, since the law is with regard to target those who endanger public, a person who causes harm to others while in a muscular powered “vessel” can still be charged.


Read the full article here: https://nationalpost.com/news/politics/canada-set-to-remove-drunk-canoeing-as-an-impaired-driving-offence


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