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Ways to Avoid Getting Charged With a DUI Offence While You Party

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We all love a good time out with friends on a weekend or on a holiday. An evening out with friends or loved ones in D.C. is surely something we all love to go to and look forward to all the time. Partying out with friends during the holidays or the weekend is always fun but sometimes this fun leads to consumption of excessive alcohol and if one needs to drive back home after such a party, all the fun may go down the drain if you get charged with a DUI offence. It’s no secret that DUI laws are quite stringent in United States and in D.C. things are even stricter as there is no tolerance against drinking and driving. So in order to avoid getting charged with a DUI there are a few things you need to follow so that you can enjoy every bit of the time out with friends without you worrying about getting on the wrong side of the law. Here’s what you should do.

Get a driver. Ensure you have a sober driver to drive you back home after the partying is over. You should also ensure that the said driver does not consumer alcohol while with you at the party.

Opt for public transport. You can opt for public transportation services after you are done with your time out with friends and this is the best way to reach home safely.

Book a hotel. You can choose to book a hotel and stay there for the night after your party and once you are sober the next day you can travel back home.

Get a taxi. You can choose to get a taxi for heading back home. A local taxi, Uber or Lyft can be your best option in case you get too drunk.

Make sure you act responsibly while you party and even after that because getting charged with a DUI offence can be life altering.


Read the full article here: https://wtop.com/ddot/2017/12/tips-to-avoid-a-dui-in-d-c/


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