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Veteran Criminal from Pekin to Face the Wrath of Law Soon

Wrath of Law


It appears that time is up for a man from Pekin with quite a long criminal history. The forty year old Joshua Haynes has entered five guilty pleas and has convinced judges to vacate four of them along with prison sentences two of them produced. He has hired at least five public defense attorneys and aborted a trial just moments before it was about to start and was convicted in another. Haynes has been imprisoned four times in the past and has filed several motions that include claims of an inadequate representing counsel that kept him in Tazewell County Jail for 550 days on a bond of $100,000, a term he would have spent in a state prison much sooner with sentencing and convictions.

However, sentencing finally came in one of the cases pending against him. With the remaining two cases still pending against Haynes, he could face a prison term of around 36 years in all three cases. The Circuit Judge Thomas Keith gave 10 years of imprisonment to Haynes on Wednesday for possessing ingredients necessary for methamphetamine in a case that had begun in mid of 2016. The jury convicted him in July 2017 and he will remain in jail until sentencing on the pending charges of drugged driving with prior offences and violation of a protection order.

Haynes also faces a 20 year jail term in the DUI case filed in 2014 wherein he withdrew guilty pleas twice. In his third guilty plea that has an inclusion of a reinstated DUI charge, sentencing is set for March 15. Haynes made phone contact with his daughters while in jail while his ex-girlfriend who is the mother of the two girls had obtained a court order against Haynes barring any contact with them.


Read the full article here: https://www.pekintimes.com/news/20180208/past-catching-up-to-veteran-pekin-criminal


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