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Lawyer In Toronto Announces Representation For Over 80 DUI Cases

Lawyer In Toronto Announces Representation For Over 80 DUI Cases

A prominent attorney in Toronto, Ontario has announced that he and his firm are now providing representation for those who are facing over 80 DUI charges. The attorney states that these types of charges carry with them serious penalties and says that he has the experience needed to aggressively defend those who are facing them.


“If you are facing over 80 DUI charges, you may think that it’s over for you,” says the attorney. “The truth is that there are a number of things that have to go into proving that your BAC was at this extreme level. Missing any one of those factors could be cause for a dismissal of your case.”


The over 80 DUI lawyer Toronto says that even in cases that go to trial, his firm has experience in helping accused to reach a more positive outcome of their cases. He states that there are many offenses of driving under the influence in Canada and unfortunately, the over 80 DUI is one of the most severe. Over 80 DUI is a case in which the BAC or blood alcohol concentration of the accused reaches a level of 80mg per 100ml of blood. This is the concentration that determines that a person is legally drunk under the current laws and regulations.


“This is one of the most litigated cases in the country,” says the attorney. “In order to seal a conviction, proof has to be shown that the accused was indeed over that 80mg limit. This is why it is crucial that anyone who is accused of driving under the influence contact a reputable attorney immediately upon that accusation.”


The criminal DUI lawyer Toronto says that anyone who is arrested and charged with a DUI should contact an attorney immediately to get started on their case. He states that there are steps that need to be taken in order to ensure that the best possible outcome is reached and that waiting too long to contact an attorney could result in the case being handled in a way that is not exactly suitable for the accused.


In order to prove an over 80 DUI offense, breath and blood samples are required to have been taken immediately. If these samples are not available, it can be virtually impossible for the prosecution to prove guilt. The attorney states that the taking of the samples also must meet certain guidelines. Breath and blood samples are required to be taken using strict procedures and only by a Drug Recognition Expert. Only then can that particular BAC be used as evidence in a trial. The attorney states that missing just one of these regulations could result in those results being thrown out as evidence which would essentially take away the proof that the prosecution has against the accused. He says that because the regulations are so strict, it is essential that an accused person contact his firm immediately upon being arrested.


The over 80 criminal code in Toronto is very clear with regards to the offense and to the punishment that this offense can bring. The impaired driving lawyer in Toronto says that his team can carry out an aggressive and strong defense against these cases, in many instances based on inconsistencies with the evidence that is presented or by cross examination of witnesses for the prosecution. The attorney states that they will leave no stone unturned and that they will work aggressively to help the accused to be relieved of their charges. He states that he has a team of investigators that will visit the incident site to get a report of what actually happened in order to present a good defense for their clients. Those who are facing over 80 DUI charges or any other type of driving impaired charges can contact the firm directly for a consultation. The attorney states that their website also offers information about various charges and the services that the firm provides.


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