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DUI Lawyer In Toronto Now Representing Criminal Clients

DUI Lawyer In Toronto Now Representing Criminal Clients

A prominent DUI lawyer in Toronto, Ontario has announced that his firm is now providing representation for those who have been accused of multiple DUIs. Driving under the influence is a serious charge and can bring with it serious repercussions. The DUI lawyer Toronto says that he and his team have the experience necessary to adequately defend against these charges, even when there are multiple charges involved.


The attorney says, “Our team has years of experience in defending charges of driving under the influence. There are cases where the accused is innocent of being under the influence. This is true even in cases where the accused actually has been convicted of driving under the influence. Just because someone drives drunk one time, does not mean that they are automatically guilty if they are stopped again. Our goal is to check the facts and prove innocence for those who have been wrongly accused.”


DUI in Canada can mean driving under the influence of alcohol or it could involve drugs. The attorney says that proving that the accused is actually guilty of driving under the influence is up to the law enforcement officer that stops them. If this proof is not found, the charges typically cannot stick. The Toronto based impaired driving lawyer says that his team has experience in disproving cases of DUI where there is no evidence to lock them in.


“There has to be proof that the person in question is driving under the influence,” says the attorney. “This is typically done through a blood test. If there is alcohol or drugs in the system then the test will prove it. Our team has defended many clients whose blood tests came back negative for any substances. It could be that the driver is simply tired from working too many nights or perhaps there is a new baby in the house that is keeping them up. There are a million reasons why one may appear to be under the influence. Only the blood test can prove whether or not this is actually the case.”


Those facing conviction of a charge of DUI could be forced to pay hefty fines, spend some time in jail and even lose their driving privileges for up to one year or longer. The drinking & driving lawyer says that these penalties are serious and that anyone accused of driving under the influence needs to contact a qualified and experienced DUI attorney immediately upon being charged in order to begin a solid defense.


The attorney says that there is simply no time to waste when a charge of driving under the influence is looming. He states that the first step is to contact an experienced attorney who will begin the process of disproving the arrest record. He states that failing to contact an attorney quickly could mean the difference between freedom for the accused and significant time in jail, and he states that the legal penalties are just a fraction of the suffering that someone accused of DUI must endure. He states that there are also social stigmas that are associated with driving while drunk and that these can be even more difficult to overcome than their legal counterparts.


The attorney states that his firm urges those facing charges of DUI to contact them immediately to get started on their defense. He says that an experienced attorney, one who knows the laws and statues regarding driving under the influence in Canada is essential and that a non-experienced attorney could actually do more harm than good for the accused. Those who are facing DUI charges or who would simply like more information on the attorney and his firm can visit them on their official website. The attorney’s website gives more information on the ramifications of being convicted of driving while impaired as well as direct contact information for the legal firm for those in need of a solid DUI defense.


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