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Warrant States, Lawyer Paid $300 Booze Bill At A Bar Before Fatal Crash

California State Bar


Up to 10 percent of lawyers in California are convicted criminals and that’s no joke. In fact, that’s the latest estimate by the agency that licenses them. Out of 190,000 active attorneys in California, around 19,000 may have unreported criminal activity, from drinking while driving crimes to more serious offenses, according to the State Bar of California.For the first time in California, under the plan the state Supreme Court is expected to approve in the coming weeks,all active lawyers will have to have their fingerprints live-scanned or taken the old-fashioned way by April 30 of next year. The prints will be given to the state Department of Justice and previous convictions will be reported to the Bar along with all future arrests.


For several years, the Bar had been counting on attorneys to do the ethical thing and self-report convictions. But that worked out badly.According to information the Bar obtained from court records, during a three-year period recently, at least 32 attorneys were convicted of a felony statewide and only three lawyers came out clean with the Bar.


Bar officials are still figuring out ways about exactly how much they will be able to tell the public about what they learn. Right now, consumers can look up profiles of licensed lawyers online to learn such information as where lawyers were educated and whether they are in good standing. In the future, the Bar may also post information about conviction.


The Bar is chalking out a system that will help officials decide how to prioritize conviction cases, with an eye to how much each case impacts the public, according to spokeswoman Rebecca Farmer.Lawyers will pay $82 on an average in order to cover the cost of the background checks by the state DOJ and the FBI, and for fingerprinting.


Read the full article here: https://www.mercurynews.com/2018/04/07/is-your-lawyer-a-crook/


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