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8 People Injured On Icy Reno Roads With 15-20 Cars Involved In Thursday Crash

8 People Injured

The Nevada Highway Patrol asked people to stay off the roads on Thursday evening after several multi-car crashes put the freeways in a shut-down state in the area. Officer Matt McLaughlin stated that around 15-20 cars piled up in a mid-afternoon shut down on the eastbound lanes of Interstate 80 east of Mustang. According to him the number of injuries was unclear, but McLaughlin stated that about eight people were transported by emergency response teams.


According to McLaughlin it was also virtually impossible to get from Carson City to Reno on Thursday afternoon, as northbound lanes on both Interstate 580 and Old U.S. 395 were closed. Another 15-20 car pileup triggered after a Nevada Highway Patrol Vehicle was struck and the I-580 closure was caused. McLaughlin stated that tow trucks and emergency response teams were working at “max capacity”.


In the northeast part of Nevada, the eastbound I-80 was closed for approximately four hours after two people were injured in a six-vehicle crash just before noon in the Carlin Tunnels west of Elko.NHP Trooper Jim Stewart stated that one victim suffered a possible broken leg but none of the injuries was considered life-threatening.However no one is reported to have been charged with a DUI or any other offence. In north-central Nevada, a record-breaking 3.6 inches of snowfall was reported in Winnemucca as it broke the old record of 2.9 inches set in 1919 according to the National Weather Service.


In the north of Reno, Stead, seven inches of snow had fallen.As per reports, the National Weather Service stated that 3.5 inches of snow was reported in three hours at Reno-Stead Airport and five inches was recorded in two hours in nearby Cold Springs during the Thursday morning commute. School was delayed two hours throughout Washoe County and five schools in Reno reportedly canceled classes. As per the forecast, up to 6 inches of snow was predicted into Thursday night at Lake Tahoe.


Read the full article here: https://www.rgj.com/story/news/2018/02/22/washoe-schools-2-hour-delay-snow-blows-toward-reno/362336002/


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